Friday, 10 April 2009

A lot can happen in a year!!!

Well I gave up my blog as I got disheartened with the wait for the allotment. Well on the 19th March my partners birthday I got my allotment, yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my blog will now be the journey of our allotment.

Here is what it looked like when we first got it

Sunday, 20 April 2008

On our window cills in the little propogators we have growing

Sweet peppers - Mini red
Cucumber - Perfect Pickler
Pepper - Hot Chilli Shake
Chilli - Cayenne Pepper
Pepper Reuben
Courgettes - Green Bush
Courgettes - Yellow
Aubergine - Callope F1

All of these have been grown from seeds that we bought at the end of last year they were all 50p or less, a right bargain!

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

20th April 2008

We have tomatoes coming out of our ears!! All of the seeds have come up and we have 3 types - Black Cherry, Shirley and Sub artic plenty. Our windowcills and hallway are being taken over!

We have planted five plants out on the roof top in their own pot and got the strings up for them to grow up.